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The H.-D. Lemburg Banking Solutions Agency is focussing on actual and proven IT applications & solutions from banks - for other banks.

HDL Banking Solutions and Applications

Software Solutions:

Application Server
Archive Systems
Banking Architecture
Banking Data Warehouse
Banking Process Warehouse
Business Architecture
Business Processes
Controlling Systems
Coupon Administration
CRM Solutions
Customer Complaint System
Data Warehouse
Dealing Securities
e-Commerce Solutions
Info Pool
Internet Banking
Internet Brokerage / Broking
Internet Application Server
Intranet Applications Identification
Intranet Implementation with Lotus Notes
Investigation Management
Knowledge Management
Payment System
Portfolio Management
Product Sales per Video Conference
Product Management
Prometheus for Web Hosting
Purchasing Systems
Returned Mail
Risk  Management
Sales Support
Self Service - Kiosk -
WBT Web-Based-Training
Web Application Server

Other Vital Projects - Experiences - Skills - References:

Critical Business Processes
LINUX Skills and Implementations
Project Cost Controlling
Python Programming for APIs
Securities Projects


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