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Improved Application Development & Reducing Maintenance efforts with the Prometheus Web Services Framework


The eGenix Application Server design combines the object request broker (ORB) technique with the more classical approach of a dynamic web page server giving the web designer more freedom in choosing the right concept for the company's site than pure ORB based application servers.
In contrast to other application servers, the eGenix Application
Server does not need client side software to be maintained or used.
It comes with a complete administration tool (AdminTool) integrated into the server as built-in component which is reachable using any modern browser from anywhere in the world even across firewalls and via proxies.
Being a web application itself, the server benefits from the fact that whole teams of developers can work together over the Inter- or
Intranet to produce leading edge, high performance and scalable
dynamic web applications.
The eGenix Application Server comes complete with server side
scripting capabilities, Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler, ODBC database connectivity, integrated failover technology and extension
mechanisms which allow connecting the server to legacy systems and other business logic.


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