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Résumé: Dipl.-Math. Marc-André Lemburg 

Dipl.-Math. Marc-André Lemburg
Konkordiastr. 108
D-40219 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49 211 3005251
Fax +49 211 3005250

Personal Data

    Date/Place of Birth
      06.04.1969, Rendsburg, Germany
      German, English and French
      1990 - 1997
        Studies in physics, mathematics and computer science at the
        Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf / Germany and the
        Université Nantes / France (1994-95)
        German Diploma in Mathematics Cum Laude
    1988 - 1990
      Civil service
    1981 - 1988
      High schools in St. Peter-Ording and Langenfeld/Rhld.
    1979 - 1981
      Elementary school in Scarsdale/NY,USA
    1975 - 1988
      Elementary schools in Schwalbach/Taunus and Langenfeld/Rhld.
Professional Experience
    2012 - present
      Member of the EuroPython Society Board of Directors.
    2012 2011 2010
      Continued to lead the initiave to create a German PyCon, after Holger Krekel's initial idea at EuroPython 2010.
    2010 - present 2002 - present application design, project management and project work for various large and small companies in the US, UK, Switzerland and Germany.
    2002 - 2004 2003 2002
      Executive committee member of the first EuroPython conference in Charleroi, Belgium. As of 2012, I'm still helping out with the EuroPython conference selection process and organization.
    January 2000 - 2002
      Product development: "eGenix Application Server / eGenix Service Engine"
        Continued development of the work started as "Prometheus" under a new name: a full blown object oriented web application server based on highly efficient Open Source technologies such as Linux and Python.
      Project ""
        First customer of the eGenix Application Server software.
    2001 January 2000 2000
      Contract work for CNRI, USA, to implemented the initial Python Unicode implementation. Continued to maintain the Unicode implementation until 2011.
    July 1997 - December 1999
      Product development: 'Prometheus'
        Designing and implementing a framework to simplify the efforts needed to install, run and maintain web-sites that depend on highly dynamic content as well as structured information.
      Project ''
        Test-bed implementation for Prometheus.
      Several smaller CGI scripting jobs.
      Python Core Developer.
    1995 - July 1997
      Project 'FashionForum', a German internet site ( devoted to fashion, hosted by Point-Of-Sale GmbH Monheim.
        CGI based applications, including a proprietary small database, query facilities, access control mechanisms, hit statistic analysis tools and several web-based database end-user and administration interfaces. The project included setting up and configuring the web-server hardware at the ISP.
      Project 'EuroStyle' for EuroStyle GmbH Monheim (
        Implemention of a small eCommerce application where customers can order products online.
      Started to work with Python.
      Formed a company: IKDS (Information and Communication Design). Started working as a consultant, IBM being my first customer with the aim of continuing the work on KIOSK/2 and intergrating it with a new display engine.
    1991, 1992, 1993
      Internships at IBM Deutschland GmbH, Düsseldorf
        Design and realisation of a DB/2 based employee development database (MEP/2) on OS/2 with PM-based GUI written in C.
        Project work on KIOSK/2 (now called Kontoservices/2), porting a DOS based C application to OS/2. This included designing a PM-based GUI interface and a communication protocol/API to separate the display part of the application from the transaction mechanism.
    1987 - 1988
      Part-time job at CGI-INTERPROGRAM GmbH Langenfeld.
        Conception and realisation of an application to aid in recording and reporting working hours written in Pascal.
        Project work on 'QUALI' (skill database) under Adabas using NATURAL.
Professional Skills
    Intensive use:
      Application design
        OO-based programming (acquisition, frameworks, persistence, components)
        Python (being a core developer involved in the language's development process; more infos)
        C / C++
        Linux, AIX, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows
        AJAX, HTML, XML, Javascript
        ODBC database interfacing
        SQL programming (MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SAP DB, MySQL, DB/2, Adabas)
        Unix web server setup and administration (Apache)
        Remote maintenance of Linux servers in general via SSH or secure web interface
      Other skills:
        Java, Pascal, Lisp, Basic, x86 Assembler, Prolog, Natural, Tcl/Tk
        Administration of SQL databases
    Computer Interests
        Frameworks and component oriented programming
        New OO-technologies like acquisition and patterns
        ORBs, e.g. CORBA, ILU, SOAP
        Network protocols and standards
        Network security
        Programming language design and use

These pages are © 1997-2015 Copyright Marc-Andre Lemburg
For further information please contact
Marc-André Lemburg.
Address: Pastor-Löh-Str. 48, 40764 Langenfeld, Germany
Tel. +49 211 9304112, Fax +49 211 3005250
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